Who I Am

All About Me

I've tried for the last 10 years to create some kind of app that would make me some money.I don't need a lot of money I don't need the it to be a killer app, just enough to cost lest than the gain. I've tried a lot of different approaches and this is some kind of testimony to all these tryouts. This page is still being developed so we’ll see what ends up here in the end.

The requirements I've always tried to have for the application is as follows:
  • No or little maintenance of the application.
  • No development cost (besides my own time)
  • No cost to launch (I usually register domain for no reason, like this one.)
  • No active advertising, it should somehow spread by it selves.
  • If payment is possible in/for the app it should be as simple as possible for the user
  • The app should deliver some kind of income.Enough to compensate for any cost of maintaining it.

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